Gary Bragg
High Plains Storm


Gary's music spills from the land.  He takes a hard look at old times, good times, heartache and temptation.  He tells timeless stories with heart and humor.  The sound is outlaw, but there are hints of rock, folk, gospel and reggae -- sounds that sweep across the plains.  Born and raised in Imperial, Nebraska, a small town that is full of great music -- if you listen for it.  Growing up at the empty end of Nebraska meant being outdoors.  "It meant reservoirs full of fish and fields full enough of pheasants to keep us tramping through them. We took our shotguns to school so we could go hunting after class. Trying to shoot birds from a moving vehicle made perfectly good sense to us… until we shot the station wagon.”

Gary bears the harmonic strains of his parents (Dad a band director and Mom the former diva of Limon, Colorado).  “Mom used to dress up my sisters and me and have us sing at social functions.  It left some scars on my psyche.”    Trumpet his intent, Gary studied music at the University of Northern Colorado.  But it was his other instrument – his voice – that made him a featured singer on a Grammy-nominated album, in only the second college group in Grammy history to be nominated for an award.  And at UNC he found his calling as a composer and was a finalist for the Elevox National Composition Contest.

For the past few decades, Gary has been in Denver writing, performing and working.  For about 12 years, Gary was in the all Steely Dan band, Kid Charlemagne.   

In 1998, Gary’s first musical, Before I Wake, was produced in Denver.  In 2003, Campaign, a musical that Gary conceived of and co-wrote, was chosen to do a workshop at the Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati.  Campaign  became The Ticket  and was performed in 2006 as an equity showcase (16 shows) at the Sage Theatre in New York City. Gary is currently finishing the score for a musical by Chicago-based writer, Charles Kouri.

“I continue to have opportunities to write music.  High Plains Storm – making music relating to my rural upbringing, collaborating with good friends who sing along in their own hearts to the wind across the prairie – has brought me the most artistic joy of anything I have ever done.  I hope people can hear that in the album.”