Gary Bragg
High Plains Storm
Clips and Lyrics

High Plains Storm (G. Bragg)                              

Drunk on Your Love (G. Bragg & E. Ottem)          

You are the Cure (G. Bragg)                                   

Free Range (G. Bragg)                                                

Kansas Land  (G. Bragg)                                          

She Canceled the Cable  (G. Bragg & C. Kouri) 

Born in a Barn  (G. Bragg & E. Ottem)                      

Boots on the Fence (G. Bragg)                             

Locked and Loaded  (G. Bragg & E. Ottem)           

Thirty Pieces of Silver  (G. Bragg)                     

Hope Inside of Me  (G. Bragg & C. Kouri)              

Shadow Gold (G. Bragg & C. Kouri)                           

Stand in Line (G. Bragg)